True love survives anything. Even seperation. Even death. True love lasts an eternity and beyond. Rip grandma amd grandpa. Your love has taught so much. Through your military life togethervand all that came after it. Your love tor eachother and your family taught strength, fight, endurance, faith, and everlasting unconditional love. You are so very missed. I carry you in my heart each day and hear lessons when i am meant to. Thank you, i love you dearly and forever. Merry Christmas.





    What does it mean when a child tells you they dislike you and don’t love you? It means your doing something right.
    Children don’t understand that words hurt but more so they don’t understand that if they liked us all the time, we would be failing them. We would not be preparing them for whats next to come in life. They will feel so much heartache and pain. They would make so many mistakes, mistakes that could have grave consequences.
   Even i have to remind myself not to be hurt or upset. That i am molding them into strong, independant and productive members of society. Even when they are not my children, but they are family or adopted family. So even if for a short time they dislike me or don,t love me, in the future they will love and thank me…. I hope…
   Only time will tell i suppose.